Broke Lord makes music. His first record “Death of a Flower” is a ring shaped postmodern folk tale in which he sings about inner chapels, lost grooms, desolated gardens, the life of saints and the coming of our Lord under a female form. A succint but deep circle of rise and decay wrapped in pop cellophane and minimal rags. As someone pointed, accurately: “This is Blues to me. The sort emanating from some clapboard chapel in a martian dustbowl”.

Songs were written and arranged in the hills of northern Portugal and recorded and mixed september 2016 by Raul Pérez at La Mina Studios (Sevilla). A group of friends from different awesome underground bands helped BL in the making. Marco Serrato (Orthodox, Hidden Forces Trio) played bass and upright bass, Asier Maiah (Viva Bazooka) played guitars, Macky Chuca (Mostros) did the backing vocals and Noli “Rattlesnake” Torres banged the drums. Mastering was done by James Plotkin.

“Death of a Flower” is out now via Discos Belamarh ( and Gog Artifacts ( Demos and outtakes that paved the way from zero to here can also be checked and freely downloaded at his bandcamp page.

Broke Lord is broke.